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It's really easy to show the center. The plugin create a panel on the right side of your website.

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Ajax Notifications

How to start an ajax check with Javascript. Will take 5 minutes before you see the first notification.

Start ajax

Why not adding a little bit of push in it?

Faye is a publish-subscribe messaging system based on the Bayeux protocol. It provides message servers for Node.js and Ruby, and clients for use on the server and in all major web browsers.

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  • Want to display the date for each notification?

    Include Moment.js and Livestamp.js and ENJOY :)

  • Want mobile support with swipe delete? Try it on a mobile device, swipe left on a notif in the notification panel to delete it.

    Include and ENJOY :) ( not required)

  • Add some color to the overlay when the panel is out?

    	#notificationcenteroverlay {
    		background-color: #000;
    		opacity: 0.5;

Documentation back to top

HTML setup

	<div id="noticationcentermain">
		[...]all your html[...]

Javascript setup

	center_element: "#notificationcenterpanel",
	body_element: "#noticationcentermain",
	toggle_button: "#notificationcentericon",
	add_panel: true,
	notification_offset: 0,
	display_time: 5000,
	types: [],
	type_max_display: 5,
	truncate_message: 0,
	header_output: '{icon} {type} {count}',
	counter: true,
	default_notifs: [],
	faye: false,
	ajax: false,
	ajax_checkTime: 5000,
	alert_hidden: true,
	alert_hidden_sound: "sounds/Funk",
	store_callback: false

Parameters back to top

Name type default description
center_element string "#notificationcenterpanel" Define the id of the element embedding your dom.
body_element string "#noticationcentermain" Closes the modal when escape key is pressed
toggle_button string "#notificationcentericon" Id of the button to toggle the panel.
add_panel boolean true If you want the panel on the right.
notification_offset int 0 If you want the notifications to start a little lower. Useful to not cover up the notificationcentericon.
display_time int 5000 Display time for each notification in milliseconds. 0 means the notification is sticky and will not be added to the notif pane
array [] Array of objects to define the types of each notifications.
	types: [{
		type: 'gift', // define the type
		img: 'img/gift.png', // icon path
		imgtype: 'image', // image or class, if class img is the classes
		type_max_display: 5, // if not present the global is used
		display_time: 5000, // if not present the global is used
		alert_hidden: true, // if not present the global is used
		alert_hidden_sound: 'sounds/Funk', // if not present the global is used
		truncate_message: 0, // if not present the global is used
		header_output: '{icon} {type} {count}', // if not present the global is used
		bgcolor: '#EB5D49', // background color for the center header
		color: '#FFFFFF' // text color for the center header
	}, {
type_max_display int 5 The amount of notifications per type to display in the panel, the rest will get queued as some are removed others will show. 0 = no limit
counter boolean true Display a counter.
truncate_message int 0 Display only one x characters of the notification/notif. callback will always have the full message
header_output string "{icon} {type} {count}" Template for the notif headers
array [] Array of objects to define the default notifications. callback is optional, text can be a string or an object like the example.
	default_notifs: [{
		type: 'gift', // define the type
		values: [{
			text: {
				text: 'This is an example',
				title: 'This is a title'
			time: date.getTime()/1000,
			new: true,
			callback: function(notif) {
				$.notificationcenter.alert(notif.text, notif.type);
	}, {
object false Object to define the faye connection.
	faye: {
		server: 'http://yourserver:port'
		chanel: 'your chanel'
object false jQuery ajax Object to define the ajax call.
	ajax: {
		type: 'POST',
		url: 'some.php',
		data: {
			authkey: 'guess',
			user: 'john'
A JSON array is expected as a result of the query, each item can be as an array or an object.
		"This is an alert",
	 [ ... ]
		"text": "This is an alert",
		"type": "system"
		[ ... ]
ajax_checkTime int 5000 Time between ajax calls in milliseconds.
alert_hidden boolean true If you want to be alerted even if the page has not the focus.
alert_hidden_sound string '' Url of the audio file without the extension You must provide the file in both format MP3/OGG
function false Function to call to store the panel's contents, false = no storage. An object that holds the current panel info will be passed in as an arg. Check your console.
	store_callback: function(notifs) {
			type: 'POST',
			url: 'some.php',
			data: {
				uid: 100,
				notifications: notifs
		}).done(function(data) {
			console.log('storage updated')
overlay boolean true Add overlay to prevent interaction with main page while the notification panel is open
overlay_z_index int 1001 Z-index added to the overlay. This value is also used to keep elements on top of the overlay.
center_time_attr string "data-livestamp" Attribute where the current time is added.
object see description Change the language used by notificiationcenter.
By default, this option is set to
  no_notifications : 'No New Notifications',
  delete           : 'Delete', // mobile Delete button
  close            : 'Close',  // Close notification button
  • no_notifications sets the text shown when the notification panel does not contain any notifications.
  • delete sets the text of the mobile delete notification button
  • close

Methods back to top


$.notificationcenter.newAlert('This is a new alert.', 'gift', true, function(notif) { $.notificationcenter.alert(notif.text, notif.type); }, 1406857387, true);

var faye = {
	server: 'http://yourserver:port',
	channel: 'your channel'


var ajax_options = {
	type: 'POST',
	url: 'some.php',
	data: {
		userid: 99

$.notificationcenter.ajax(ajax_options, 5000);

This is very useful for callbacks, you could setup a callback type even. action defaults to banner, anything else gives you a action button on your callback and sets the notificaiton to sticky aka no timeout.
$.notificationcenter.alert('This is just an alert, nothing in notificaiton center', 'system', function(notif) { $.notificationcenter.alert(notif.text, notif.type); });

Set a page title. title is optional, it'll use the current title otherwise
$.notificationcenter.captureTitle('This is the new page title');
Use the current page title. It will attempt to detect and remove any current notification counts